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Nick Seymour
Nick Seymour is the ex-bassist from Crowded House and my source of inspiration. Nick painted all of the Crowded House album covers but very little of his work (other than the album covers) is available to the general public. So I have taken the liberty of... umm... borrowing... these pics from the Nick Bit of the Seymour Brothers FTS.

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These five paintings are probably the best known of Nick's work's, the Crowded House Album Covers. L to R clockwise: Crowded House, Temple of Low Men, Together Alone and Woodface. Center: Recurring Dream; the Very Best of Crowded House. My favourite is the Temple of Low Men cover. This style has influenced a lot of his later work.

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These are two untitled paintings by Nick. They are done in a Temple of Low Men style. Personally I think the guy in them looks a bit like his brother Mark.