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In 1990, 100% Mambo held a retrospective exhibition of their artwork in Sydney's Ray Hughes Gallery. It featured the work of David McKay, Paul Worstead, Gary Panter, Matthew Martin, Hugh Ramage, Richard Allen, Nick Seymour, and, of course, Reg Mombassa. Each of the artists were asked to design a surfboard in their own way...this is Nick and his board.

Mark Seymour

Mark Seymour, brother of Nick, is my favourite subject for portraits. After spending the better part of 17 years with Hunters and Collectors he is now working on a follow up to his first solo album King Without A Clue with brother Nick on bass and the occasional keyboard. I like drawing Mark because he has a strong personality and presence. As well as a great bone structure and he is well... just down right good looking.

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This pic is my favourite of all time of Mark.