GhostNation's Artwork
This is a collection of my best pieces of art and some awards that I have won. My favourite media is pastels but I also work in graphite. I have been painting for about 2 years now and hope to continue with art as a career.

This is one of the first portraits I ever did. It is of Mark Seymour from the back cover of the King Without A Clue album sleave. It is done in graphite on white paper.

click for larger version

This is a different angle of Mark Seymour. It is ment to be a poster for H&C. Mark has a tattoo of two snakes wound around a knife on his shoulder, I simply modified it to suit my purpose. This is done in graphite and carb-othello on white paper.

This drawing was done for a friend. It is a break away from my usual subject of portraits. It is done in coloured pencil on white paper.